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Office Introduction

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    Jurisdictional Area

      Jurisdiction of the Office:  1. Administrative areas of the office:  Administrative areas of the Office include Tainan City and County, Chiayi City and County, and Yunlin County. 2. Subject-matter jurisdiction of the Office: Litigation: Litigations at the following district prosecutors’ offices are under jurisdiction of the Office: Tainan District Prosecutors OfficeChiayi District Prosecutors OfficeYunlin District Prosecutors Office 

  • White Paper on Serving People

    ★Words from Prosecutor General★Be capable of maintaining public power, and reinforcing the function of prosecution and a stable social order, so that a just and uncorrupted image of the prosecutor authority may be built up. Based on this idea, the Office presents this “Public Service White Papers,” expecting to upgrade our service quality, and fulfill our responsibility of protecting citizens’ rights. ★Our Major Tasks at the Moment★1. Effectively and thoroughly execute the “Action Plan for Crackdown on Black Money”:The Office has established the “Tainan Task Force, Black Money Investigation Center” on July 7, 2000, consisting of excellent prosecutors from the court of first and second instances, the Police and investigation authorities within its jurisdiction. The team is responsible for combating black money, eradicating corruption and investigating bribery at election. Team members are going all out to investigate cases legally and stringently. The team has been performing well, nd has won the trust and praise of the public. 2. Enhance case processing efficiency:All cases, no matter investigation, appeals, reconsideration, pleadings, applications for ruling of sentence, change of jurisdiction, military investigation, supplementary reconsideration, people’s complaints, exemption from compulsory labor and execution of sentence, are dealt with promptly without delay. 3. Stick to public prosecution practice:When prosecutors of the Office appear at the court, they are to make effective indictment. Before the court session, details of the case are read thoroughly, and the prosecutor of the court of first instance is contacted. Evidence for and against the defendant is noted, and details of the defendant’s criminal act is described and analyzed, for consideration of the criminal court. 4. Cautiously use the rights to appeals and motions against ruling:When prosecutors receive the delivery of original judgment of criminal cases, they study the cases one by one in details. Where the law is improperly applied, leading to mistakes in the determination of punishment, or where the defendant should be guilty but ruled not guilty or should be not guilty but ruled as guilty, or where the confirmed ruling violates the law and should be corrected, the reasons have to be stated in details, and motion against ruling, appeal or application for the Prosecutor General to initiate extraordinary appeal should be lodged within the valid period. 5. Strict enforcement of self-initiated impeachment:Eradicating the evil, uncovering hidden bad and preventing crimes are the responsibilities of prosecutors. Therefore, whenever parties related to a crime, people not involved in a crime, witnesses are found to be suspicious of committing crime, or when newspaper and magazine advertisements are found to be involved in a crime, name and address of the persons involved should be investigated immediately, and the cases should be referred to local district prosecutors’ office for further investigation and legal action. 6. Strengthen protection of crime victims:A “Crime Victims Compensation Review Committee of Tainan Branch, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office” is established to reconsider applicants’ objection to the decision or lack of decision by the review committee of the prosecutors’ office at the court of first instance.★Our Commitments★*Principle of prudence:In serving the public, no case is more important than another; all cases are treated equally. The public’s benefit is actively taken into account, so that the case can be resolved.*Principle of professionalism:Strictly require service staff to familiarize themselves with legal knowledge. Staff in all divisions and offices are also ready to support at any time, so that citizens may get the most accurate and unambiguous answer in the shortest time.*Two-way communication:For citizens who are seeking help from the Office, we explain and answer all questions in a sympathetic and sincere attitude and a euphemistical tone. When coming across litigants who misunderstand the law, a gentle, patient and euphemistical attitude when explaining is even more important. ★Our Direct Services to the Public★*Properly deal with news releases for cases under investigation:Stick to the “news spokesman system.”News content is released as properly as possible.Set up media interview area and control media workers’ entry to the office of investigation staff. *Promptly inform the “non-appeal” decision of prosecutors:When the court of second instance notifies innocence, free from prosecution or not entertaining appealable cases from the court of third instance, and the prosecutor has not initiated an appeal, officers in charge will inform the parties concerned immediately to free them from worries or deception.*Attend to the people’s complaints and applications promptly and properly:Complaints are dealt with as soon as they are received, and services are provided immediately.To strengthen public services, the Office has set up a case categorization system by adding “Tiao” (investigation) or “Chen” (statement) prefix depending on the incoming organizations or individuals, pursuant to the Rules for Handling People’s Complaints set down by the Ministry of Justice. Cases are input into the computer system for follow up, and have to be concluded and replied within one month. In case of face-to-face complaints, service staff must listen to the people’s statement patiently, and keep record, which will then be categorized and dealt with immediately.*Consultation service:For cases that cannot be dealt with immediately, we would honestly explain the situation, and help refer the case to other authorities for prompt action to legal service organizations for assistance.*Telephone complaint services:For telephone complaints, the service staff would give immediate reply for simple cases, but for cases that cannot be replied immediately, the complainant will be advised to make a written compliant, which will be handled within a specified time.*Actively promote Internet application and enquiry services:Staff is assigned specially for managing and replying the applied services.*Applications:Reply must be given with a specified time.Applications are categorized with “Sheng-Ta” prefix. Applicants will be replied in writing when the case is completed. In case the deadline for processing cannot be met for reasons like referral, application to be judged or not determined, etc., the applicants shall also be informed in writing.*Sample application forms are prepared for citizens’ reference:All sorts of sample application forms are displayed at the Service Center, and are available for citizens’ pick-up.*Reinforce user-friendly measures at the Public Service Center:1. Select and assign suitable staff:Clerks who are well-informed of legal knowledge and eager to serve are selected and assigned to answer enquiries and assist in all sorts of applications.2. Provide user-friendly facilities:Provide application forms free of charge.Provide writing desk and reading glasses, etc. for form-filling.Provide wheelchairs and arrange alert bells for the disabled.3. Promote legal knowledge education:Prosecutors are sent to schools and community groups irregularly for publicizing legal knowledge and education.Cooperate with social groups to organize anti-corruption at election activities, to publicize legal knowledge and to enhance democracy awareness.All sorts of legal publicity materials are displayed at the Service Center for citizens’ pick-up.4. Open to suggestions:Public opinion box is set up and opinion survey form is designed, and statistical analysis is done on opinion surveys.5. Set up administrative reform mailbox to invite suggestions from all fields:Open a prosecutor office’s “electronic public opinion mailbox” for collecting public suggestions on the Internet. Citizens’ questions may also be answered in details through the mailbox.6. The Public Service Center is equipped with full-function counters providing one-stop services. Comprehensive services at one location are provided to ensure efficiency.★We Promise Constant Review of Service Quality★Never satisfy with the status quoAccording to items set down in the “Scope and Evaluation Standards of Public Services for All Authorities Subordinate to the Ministry of Justice,” more than 20 items including service attitude, publicity measures, telephone manners, etc. are picked as the criteria for self-evaluation on a regular basis. Moreover, irregular tests will be conducted on the telephone manners of all colleagues of the Office, and be included in the items for monitoring and examination. Staff’s professional competence and service attitude are strengthened through training. Review and commendation are constantly made at work meetings, which will be important reference for year-end appraisal.Accurately keep track of the public opinion. Conduct “Public Services Questionnaire Survey” irregularly. Study and plan innovative services, and simplify processing workflow. Make use of social resources for providing public services when necessary.


Citizen Service Center

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